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What are the health benefits of Sex

Having sex not only makes happy but there are also many health benefits of having sex with your partner, below are 9 health benefits you never know sex can provide -

1. Boost your Immune System : Having sex will generate White blood cells (WBC), which helps your body againt germs, viruses and other intruders.

2. Controls your blood pressure: recent studies found that having sex helps you to relax which will lower your blood pressure.

3. Sex is an Great Exercise: Sex is a great form of an exercise, it's an muscular excercise which burns your clories and increases your heart rate.

4. Reduces the risk of Heart Attack: Having sex is good for your hert, which raises your heart rate, sex helps to maintain the estrogen and testosterone levels in balance

5. Reduce Menstrual cramps: Having an orgasm can block pain, vaginal stimulations can reduce the back and leg pain, arthritic pain and in some cases even headache.

6 Improves Sleep:  People usually dose of quickly after sex and tend to g…